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BMW MC-club Norway is one of the bigger MC brand clubs in Norway.

BMW MC-club Norway was founded in 1980 and is a club for people interested in the many types and models of BMW motorcycles - from veteran to current models. The club is one of the bigger MC brand clubs in Norway, and services members from all over Norway.

According to our laws, the club shall through cooperation and companionship among members in the club, encourage and support the existence of an inspiring motorcycle society - especially for those that ride BMW motorcycles. The club shall also work for the members' interests in communication with the BMW distributor, BMW dealers and -workshops. The club is since 2008 a member of BMW Clubs European Federation (BCEF)

The Norwegian BMW MC meeting is held the first weekend in august every year. The location is not fixed, we try to arrange the annual meeting at a new place every year, spread around the country. The meeting gathers more than 200 motorcycles from Norway and several other countries.

Activities in the club are mainly connected to touring. 

Currently the membership fee is 250 NOK (~USD 30). For this small amount you get four issues of "BMW-bladet" yearly, our club magazine in Norwegian, and the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with other BMW riders every year in Norway.

Siste nytt

Årets Eicma messe i Milano går av stabelen 7 - 10 november

I løpet av den nærmeste tiden vil klubben passere 1.500 medlemmer - og vi vil i denne forbindelse gi litt oppmerksomhet til akkurat den som blir medlem nr 1.500!

Recall på K 1600 - Girkasseproblem


19.00 23. november - 19.00 24. november 2019


12.00 4. juni - 12.00 7. juni 2020

Skjolden inst i Lusterfjorden

12.00 3. juli - 12.00 5. juli 2020

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

12.00 6. august - 14.00 9. august 2020

Storsand Gårdscamping i Malvik

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